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While we cannot guarantee a specific result, our customers are guaranteed:

Communication. We promise to keep you up to date and informed on the status of our work for you. We will return all client calls within 24-hours (or next business day on weekends and holidays).

Open Door. You will always have access to your attorney. While many questions can be answered by staff members, if you want to speak with an attorney, you can.

Transparent Pricing. We handle most of our customers' matters on a flat fee basis, you know the price up-front and we provide estimates for any additional filing fees and similar items. For other matters, we provide monthly invoices with a detailed accounting of the work performed. Our focus is on efficient and effective legal representation, not billable hours.

Knowledge. We work hard to stay in front of changes to the legal landscape. We attend regular legal education seminars and workshops in the business and estate planning fields to learn new strategies and techniques that empower us to better serve our customers. If we do not know the answer, we will find it; if we cannot find it, we will find someone who can.

Confidential and Professional Service. Our word is our bond. We keep your matters in-house and confidential. While we are dedicated to a more relaxed atmosphere and practice, we never let our guard down when it comes to our customers and the confidences they share. 

Organized. Greater than 90% of our office is paperless, we utilize practice management software and computer systems to help us stay on top of your important matters. Our systems keep us efficient and your legal bills lower.

Down to Earth. We are not your typical law firm and we are extremely proud of our firm's down to earth approach to the practice of law. Our goal is to become a part of your team, to be friendly, to be advocates, and to share our knowledge with our customers in plain english. 

Your Satisfaction. We may not be allowed to guarantee a specific result, but we can and do guarantee your satisfaction with Welch Law as your legal service provider. If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will refund our attorney fees. *Not applicable to litigation cases.*​​

Welch Law's Service Guarantee


Why guarantee, when others do not?

Welch Law is not your typical law firm. We work harder because we deeply value the trust 

our customers have placed in our service to them. Welch Law's core values are the guiding philosophy of our

work product and service guarantees.

Integrity: Doing what is right, when no one is looking. Flat fees, transparent pricing, your satisfaction. 

Compassion: Caring for our customers and their legal needs. Communication, open doors, down to earth.

Zealous Advocacy: Advancing our customers goals. Confidential and professional, organized, knowledge. 

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