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Wills and Trusts:

Corporate/Business Law:

From start-up to winding down, businesses have a lot of legal needs that are sometimes overlooked.  While Welch Law will occasionally work on litigated matters, the practice is heavily invested in the transactional, day-to-day, business affairs of it's customers.  Focusing on preventative transactional matters creates an open and trusting relationship between Welch Law and customers.  It also has the added perk of allowing Welch Law to incorporate Flat Fees for majority of the services it provides.   

Welch Law helps businesses develop and implement operating agreements, form LLCs and other business entities, develop buy-sell agreements, employment contracts, employee handbooks, and remain compliant with federal and state laws.  

If you are unsure of which, if any, of these services may be right for your business, give Welch Law a call and ask about the Business Startup Packages or the Comprehensive Review Packages for businesses already in operation.  

Discover more about our LLC Start-Up Packages here.

Starting, growing, and establishing a business is a huge undertaking. Through years of practice and advising small business owners, it is apparent that many are accustomed to "winging it" when it comes to matters outside their expertise. Unfortunately, winging it in the legal arena can come at a huge price.

Welch Law interviewed several of our

clients and other business owners to understand why so many small business owners were willing to wing it in the legal context. A majority of those interviewed

said they didn't want to pay someone $300+ an hour to answer a simple question. 

This was an unacceptable answer, so we designed some service level packages to address the common needs of our clients at affordable monthly rates. 

To see an overview of these plans, click here.

Helping families create proactive, thoughtful, and viable estate plans is one of the most fulfilling services at Welch Law.  

Estate plans can consist of simple wills,

living trusts, powers of attorney, 

beneficiary deeds, medical directives, and other important legal documents. 

Welch Law takes great care in meeting with individuals and business owners as they develop their estate plans.  

Welch Law enjoys working through difficult planning strategies and counseling

customers on various options they have regarding their property and estate.    

As with most of Welch Law's legal services, estate planning documents are designed to incorporate Flat Rates, allowing the

customer and attorney freedom to discuss

and not worry about the legal bill. Find out more about our Flat Fee estate plan programs here.